It has certainly been an eventful year of touring all over the world. From being at major events like Rocklahoma in The USA and Topfest in Europe, to finish up with an amazing event like ‘80’s In The Park’. Playing major events and sharing stages with the world’s most legendary bands is still and always will be an honor. We’ve had the privilege to share stages with Twisted Sister, Within Temptation, Bullet Boys and play festivals with Tesla, Queensryche, Slayer, Anthrax, Linkin Park, Godsmack, Hailstorm, The Pretty Reckless, Stratovarius, Arch Enemy, Lita Ford, Femme Fatale, Slaughter, Autograph, Asia, Kix, Kip Winger, Firehouse, LA Guns and many more. Earlier on in the year we were unfortunately put in a situation where Kei Bland was unable to commit to touring due to his other touring commitments with other bands, so we needed to match his abilities with an exceptional replacement.
Fortunately, we came across two amazing drummers to fill the void. The drumming showman of showmen, Vinne E. Parma from The USA rocked it with us in the United States and Jason Steve Mageney from Germany who made a fantastic contribution to our European dates. Vinnie also completed the rest of the tour in the US and will now become a more permanent fixture in the MYSTERY line-up with heavy commitments being scheduled for the band in The United States. We would like to thank both Vinnie and Jason for their amazing contributions towards MYSTERY.
2015 heralded a new direction for MYSTERY live shows as a three-piece band, which we have found to work extremely well. We have now all returned home where we will complete the final stages of the next album in the coming month and start booking tour dates for 2016. We will keep you posted on details very soon!
World tour collage