Wishing a happy 10th anniversary to Rocklahoma

MYSTERY has taken the hallowed grounds of Rocklahoma by storm! Happy 10th anniversary to Rocklahoma and a big thank you to the thousands and thousands of Rockin’ hard Heavy Metal fans that came out to see us! We would like to thank Joe, Jamie and the entire team at AEG and Catch The Fever for the hospitality. Many thanks to Sam and all at Retrospect for first introducing us to Rocklahoma a few years ago! Oklahoma, USA ROCKS HARD! We love you all!


MYSTERY Ready to fire up Rocklahoma!!!

Storms have cleared! Team MYSTERY and Michael Starr of Steel Panther areĀ  on the Hard Rock stage. Announcement: 8.50pm is new stage time for MYSTERY.



MYSTERY is ready to take ROCKLAHOMA prisoner this evening!!! After an amazing Scorpions show last night, we’re pumped to be a part of the acts headlining tonight on the Hard Rock stage with Escape The Fate and Steel Panther. Sebastian Bach, Great White and Five Finger Death Punch will play between our sets on the opposite stage so it’s going to be a huge last day at Rocklahoma. Catch us at 6.55pm between Great White and Sebastian Bach. SEE YOU TONIGHT ROCKLAHOMA!!


MYSTERY hitting ’80s In The Park’ festival

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: As we prepare to hit the HARD ROCK’n stage at Rocklahoma together with our stage mates Steel Panther and Escape The Fate tomorrow night and attend the Scorpions spectacle tonight, we would like to announce our next major date at the amazing 80’s In The Park festival and VIP after parties in Melbourne! (Florida, not our hometown in Australia). Check out this amazing classic line up! See you all there!13321846_1229881000378914_3506457805041326205_n